Glass Apples For Teachers

Written by Christa Gatewood
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A glass apple is a traditional gift for a teacher because of the significance of apples within the teaching profession. There are many different types of glass apples available and they can be found at any price point. Whether it is a gift to a teacher just because and consequently less money might be spent, or if there is a special occasion at hand that demands a sizable gift, there are options to fit any budget.

Types of Glass Apples for Gifts

On the higher end, an elegant fine crystal apple makes a truly special gift. While they can be more expensive, over $100 for the handmade ones, the simpler machine-made crystal apples can be found for as little as $20. These apples can also be customized with a special engraving. The engraving should be included in the price.

Another type of glass apple is the hand-blown glass apple. These have a beautiful art quality to them and can be blown with clear glass or with tinted glass. When blown with red or green tinted glass they look like real apples. Because these apples are handmade, they can be a little pricier, averaging just over $30.

Less expensive glass apples can be found for under $20. These apples can be attached to a base that can be engraved. They make great achievement awards for teachers as well as retirement gifts. For the holiday season, a glass apple ornament engraved with a special holiday message would also make a great gift for a teacher or educator.

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