Golden Apple Awards

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Many different organizations now recognize educators through annual awards ceremonies. Most of these are local organizations, but a few are national. A large number of these awards ceremonies honor the award recipients with Golden Apple Awards. Because of the apple's symbolism in regards to teaching and the inherent prestige of gold, golden apples are an obvious choice for an award.

Because so many groups give out golden apples, the golden apple has become easily recognized as a symbol of excellence in teaching. Almost everyone has a teacher in their life who is worthy of recognizing. There is no need to wait for an organization to bestow this honor on them. Golden apples are surprisingly affordable and easy to come by. Any teacher would truly appreciate a golden apple award that is specially designed.

Designing a Golden Apple Award

A three-inch solid golden apple can be found for under $20. To make the gift more personal it can be engraved. The teacher's name, the school's name, or even a short message are engraving options. Engraving should be included in the purchase price.

Anyone wishing to design an official golden apple award should get one that is affixed to a base. It is appropriate to have the base and/or the apple itself engraved. There are different base options available. The tall wooden bases make the award look more like a trophy. The base plate is affixed to the front of the trophy and usually carries the recipient's name. Another option is the flat base. On this type of award the base plate is affixed to the top of the base. However it is presented, the golden apple is a wonderful way to honor a teacher.

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