Golf Trophies

Written by Charles Peacock
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Golf is a sport that really prizes its memorabilia and accessories. It's hard to think about the game, in fact, without thinking about golf clothing, golf equipment and golf artifacts. Any serious golfer undoubtedly has his own little collection of golf memorabilia--and if he's lucky enough, there's a trophy or two featured in that collection!

Handsome Golf Trophies

Since the sport of golf always has always cultivated a particularly upscale image, the normal inexpensive sports trophies are usually not appropriate for serious golfers. Luckily, awards makers recognize this fact and have a whole set of unique trophies designed specifically for golfers. Golf awards are available that are made entirely out of crystal--something that can't normally be said for football or hockey awards.

For someone who appreciates the antiquity and history of the game of golf, there are some really nice plaques available that reflect this feel. The Golf Shadow Box Plaque is a unique item that can work as a gift or a trophy. It is a framed shadow box with tiny antique golf shoes and golf equipment mounted next to a small customizable plaque.

If you're running a golf tournament, you'll probably want to get some trophies for the winners of your tournament. There are many types of beautiful trophies available that suit any budget, and most of these can be personalized with the name of the tournament, the hosting club, and the date of the tournament itself. In many cases you can even send the trophy to an engraver to have the winner's name added to it once the tournament is over.

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