Gymnastic Trophies

Written by Charles Peacock
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Gymnastics is a sport that requires a phenomenal amount of hard work, dedication and determination in order to truly excel. It is also unique in that much of this work must be done alone. A gymnast must train his or her body to perform at the highest level without being able to rely on partners or teammates to get a breather now and then.

Rewarding Your Gymnasts

Gymnastics competitions are wonderful events that put on display some of the most amazing capabilities of the human body. There's nothing quite like watching a gymnast stick a landing after a particularly difficult routine. The outstretched arms, the arched back, the stiffened legs--they send a chill a down the spine when you know the gymnast is going to win.

If you're shopping for awards for a gymnastics meet, the most common choice is the classic Olympics-style set of medals. This is probably the best choice if your meet is set up to award first, second and third place winners. Many awards makers actually offer custom gold, silver and bronze medals that display a gymnast on them.

Gymnastics awards are available in several other styles as well. You can find awards with a bronze gymnast statuette mounted on top of an engravable base. This is a great type of award to give to your entire gymnastics team, since you can get one made with the names of each of your team members.

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