Health Awards

Written by Christa Gatewood
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As the daughter of a doctor and the sister of a nurse I have been around awards for health professionals my entire life. Health professionals often receive plaques to recognize a job well done. These plaques can be customized to represent the heath profession in several ways. For example, a plaque can incorporate a thermometer, an AMA, American Medical Association, emblem, or a caduceus (the serpentine staff medical emblem) into the design.

Health professionals work tirelessly on behalf of the sick. They spend years of their lives in school and even longer working with the public. Many times the hours are long, they have to work on weekends and holidays, they spend hours on their feet and they have to be available at a moment's notice. For this and so much more, health professionals deserve praise and recognition.

Health professionals often have to deal with people on the worst day of their lives, when they are diagnosed with a grave illness or when they learn that their loved one has died. These things can be emotionally draining on anyone. A gift of thanks is a wonderful way to let a doctor or nurse know they are appreciated.

Gifts for Health Professionals

A doctor's office is a business like any other. Therefore, desk accessories are great gifts for doctors and nurses who work in private practices. Doctors and nurses would appreciate the gift of a personalized clock, frame, pen and pencil set, pencil holders or any other useful items for the office.

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