Hockey Trophies

Written by Linda Alexander
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Now that you can order hockey trophies online, there is no need to trek out to your local trophy shop. While your team dreams of one day earning the Stanley Cup, you can search online and find a similar cup to give to your best players this season. Hockey trophies recognize excellence in a way that lasts a lifetime.

Your Hockey Trophies: A Trip Down Memory Lane

No doubt you still have your own hockey trophies from when you were in high school or college. They might have gathered some dust or been put in the attic, but you still have a memento of that occasion when you were the best at something. Skating around proudly, you couldn't wipe the smile off your face.

Now, you have the chance to give that feeling to somebody else. Whether you choose an engraved acrylic trophy or one with a wood or marble base, your team members will likely keep their trophies throughout their life. You can purchase standard trophies featuring figures playing hockey, or you can choose something new and different. A display case for the winning puck also makes a great award.

Many coaches award trophies to each and every player because their contributions, no matter how small, deserve to be acknowledged. Others give exclusive awards to their best players. For a good compromise, you can choose to give pins or medals for participation awards and save the trophies to use as exclusive awards for your champion players.

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