Lapel Pins

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Lapel pins are simple and inexpensive gifts for employees of any company or organization. They are especially nice for teachers and school administration and staff because they can be customized with a school logo. Or, stock lapel pins with an educational theme can be equally appropriate gifts.

Some nice lapel ornament ideas are those which incorporate symbols of the recipient's profession. Teaching themes for teachers, medical themes for doctors, and judicial themes for attorneys are all great designs for these pins.

Lapel pins are also great for employee recognition. Large companies often have a problem with industrial espionage, and having employees wear specially designed lapel pins is one inexpensive way to combat that. They are also useful in a school setting as unfortunately some schools have had problems with security.

Buying Lapel Pins in Bulk

For those who are looking to buy a large number of lapel pins perhaps for all of the employees of a large company, price savings can be had when buying in bulk. The more pins that are ordered, the less expensive each piece will be. The price also depends on the type of lapel pin chosen and how it is made. For instance, the ones that are die stuck, or imprinted into metal using a mold, are typically more expensive. A good company will not charge for the artwork or design of the lapel pin. However, there is usually a fee to cut the original mold, but even that will sometimes be waived if the order is large enough.

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