Marble Apple Clocks

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Teachers spend a large part of the day with our children guiding them and shaping them into productive members of society. They not only teach children the skills they need for success, they also teach them about growing up and many of the challenges of life. For that, they deserve our utmost respect and thanks. Some people choose to thank the special teachers in their lives with a gift. One example of an appropriate gift for a teacher is a marble apple clock.

A Functional Apple for the Teacher

Gone are the days when a simple piece of fruit would say "thank you." A great teacher deserves a great teacher gift and a desk clock made to resemble a real apple is a perfect choice. Made out of red marble, this is an attractive accessory for any desk or bookshelf. Its uniqueness is also sure to spark conversation from passer-bys.

Marble apple clocks can be bought on a base or stand-alone. The price varies from company to company. They can be found for as little as $30 or as much as $70. The quality does not seem to be much different between the higher-priced clocks and lower-priced clocks so in order to save some money, comparison shopping is a good idea.

Apple clocks do not only come in marble, however--people can also find them in crystal and wood. The wooden apple clocks are a little more expensive at about $70 and crystal apple clocks are around $30. All of the apple clocks would also make a great addition to any kitchen or a whimsical gift for a chef.

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