Pen And Pencil Sets

Written by Christa Gatewood
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A gift that is certainly perfect for anyone is a nice pen and pencil set. We all use pens and pencils everyday, yet we would rarely buy a nice set for ourselves. That is why pen and pencil sets are left firmly to the realm of gift giving.

Because these sets are such a traditional gift, there are many different brands and varieties. A truly aristocratic set can cost well over $500. But, fear not, there are very high quality sets priced nicely in the $30-$35 range. A nice set always comes in a proper box or case to protect it from scratches as well as so that they can be displayed on a desk.

Engraving Pen and Pencil Sets

Pen and pencil sets make a great gift for a teacher or student embarking on a new school year. A nice touch is to have the box or case engraved. A wooden box can either be engraved directly into the wood by a laser or it can have an engraving plate attached to its top. A leather case or acrylic case will most likely always need a plate for engraving. The engraving should be included in the price of the set and is limited by the space available.

A pen and pencil set would make a great gift for a school administrator since there is so much paperwork associated with that job. Administrators are also essential to the education system. A good idea would be to have the school's logo engraved into a set's wooden box along with the recipient's name.

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