Personalization Gifts

Written by Christa Gatewood
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These days almost any gift can be personalized for any occasion. Children's gifts can be personalized with their names, wedding gifts can be personalized with the wedding date, and all kinds of desk accessories can be engraved. Personalizing a gift is creating a truly one of a kind present for someone special and it shows that someone was willing to go the extra mile and in some cases pay the extra expense.

Anyone will agree that a gift made especially for one person is a gift from the heart. However, we don't always have the time to make the gifts we would want to. And sometimes we also don't have the talent either. An easy alternative that is no less meaningful is to have a gift embroidered or engraved. All of the labor is taken out of the process and only the creativity remains.

Great Gifts that Could be Personalized

Practically any gift for an office can be personalized and because these gifts can sometimes feel less individualized, engraving is a great way to make them more intimate. A desk clock is a very useful gift, but it doesn't scream, "I knew you'd love this!" Engraving a personal message or even a simple monogram gives it that finishing touch that makes all the difference. The same could be done with other desk accessories including pen and pencil sets, business card holders, paperweights and letter openers.

Likewise, glassware, photo frames, candles, luggage, flasks, yo-yos, wallets and money clips, or anything else imaginable could be taken up a notch with a simple engraving. The fee for engraving is usually inexpensive or non-existent so it almost doesn't make sense not to do it. But remember, an engraved gift most likely cannot be returned.

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