Photo Plaques

Written by Christa Gatewood
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A photo plaque is a plaque that cannot only be engraved, it can also display a photograph. Photographs can either slide into a plastic frame attached to the plaque or be fitted into a routed area or be reproduced on wood or acrylic. These plaques have many applications.

Uses for Photo Plaques

Probably the most common use for a photo plaque is for youth sports. Schools usually display plaques with team photos and the distinctions won by that team. They can also carry a custom emblem depicting the sport the team plays. These are also great gifts for athletic coaches particularly when a team wins a championship.

Photo plaques are also popular among parents. Often parents will create a plaque with their child's individual picture along with the team photo. This is a great way to preserve the memories of little league and school sports programs forever. Photo plaques are also used within companies to display various teams such as the sales team. When a milestone is met or a banner year is had, this is a great way to commemorate the occasion.

While photo plaques have a very professional look, they are extremely affordable. They can be found for under $20. The larger plaques can be as much as $30. However, it may be beneficial to buy a case of plaques. Savings can be found by buying in bulk. Often a team will buy a large order of photo plaques and split the plaques and the cost amongst the players or the parents.

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