Written by Charles Peacock
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Plaques are a great way to celebrate individual and group accomplishments. They give you a chance to say thanks, while also reminding the recipient of the wonderful things they've done. In addition, plaques and awards can be a source of inspiration, reminding recipients (and those around them) what they are capable of if they simply give their best.

Customizing Plaques

Most awards companies offer several different types of pre-designed plaques. Some may be suited for academic accomplishments, while others might be intended for athletes or even corporate employees. Usually, each type of plaque will reflect the theme it is geared towards with a certain type of border or even an engraved image at the top of the plaque. In many cases, you can even decide what this image will be.

No matter which plaque you choose, it will probably also has a pre-determined layout for any text or names that you're going to put on it. For instance, the top of the plaque may have a large word or phrase that communicates what it is being given for. It might say, "Thanks," "Honorary Award," or even "Congratulations."

Once you have decided on a particular plaque design, it's up to you to provide the text that will be engraved on the plaque. If you're having trouble with finding a well-written blurb, you may want to see if the company has any standard messages that they frequently use. Once you've settled on the text, you simply provide the name of the person (or group) that the plaque is for, and the company will have it specially engraved on the plaque itself.

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