Recognition Awards

Written by Linda Alexander
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Recognition awards and gifts given at conferences show your attendees that they really matter to your organization. If you are having trouble keeping people in their seats during afternoon sessions, you could let your attendees know that awards will be given out at random times during the day, or that prize winners must be present to win. Build the anticipation by not printing a list of award winners until after all of the recognition awards have been given out.

When to Present Recognition Awards

Another way to build attendance at your shows is to present promotional products before, during, and after the conferences. You could build them around your conference theme, or around the city in which you are holding the convention. You could also incorporate wearable logo items to commemorate the event and help advertise for next year's event.

There is no doubt that recognition awards are an important part of every organization. Yet often, people become bored with the ceremonies after a few months or years of attending. By varying the prizes and awards given, or the times at which they are given, you are more likely to keep people's interest. You must also continuously promote your recognition program in order to keep the excitement up.

Selecting ageless, classic awards such as wall plaques and trophies will keep your name around for years into the future. People like to collect awards and display them proudly in their offices and homes, for all to see. So adding your logo to the engraving on the awards will remind everybody who sees them who gave them out, as well as who worked hard to earn them.

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