Resin Figures

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Resin figures come in a variety of different shapes and are most often used to recognize either excellence or participation in youth sports. Children love to receive a figurine to mark a sporting season. They proudly display their trophies, ribbons and resin figures in their bedrooms so that they can show them off.

Resin figures can be found to represent almost any sport. Sometimes they are miniature players in motion and other times they are the equipment needed to play the sport. Whatever the figure uses to represent the sport it is sure to be a big hit with the recipient.

Resin figures can be engraved on their bases. Usually the name of the player, the team name if applicable and the date are engraved into the figure. They are available in gold or silver coloring. Resin figures on average are less expensive than trophies, so sometimes they are used in their place for cost conscious teams and athletic leagues. A resin figure can be found for under $13 and the engraving should be included in the price.

Other Uses for Resin Figures

Resin figures are also good gifts for someone who has a sporting hobby. They are attractive additions to a desk and can indicate a person's sporting passion. A resin figure of a golfer could simply be engraved with, "World's Best Golfer," to make a great gift for a golfing aficionado. Or for a more whimsical gift a resin figure in the shape of a bowling ball and pins could be engraved with, "You Bowled Me Over at First Sight." The possibilities are limitless with a little creativity.

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