School Medals Awards

Written by Christa Gatewood
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School medals are most often associated with winning an athletic event, but medals are available to recognize excellence in a variety of different arenas as well. In athletics, there are medals for every type of sporting competition in existence. This includes track, gymnastics, softball, golf, tennis and much more. While medals can be found that depict team sports, usually medals are given in individual sports.

Off the field or court, medals are also given for academic excellence. Medals for Honor Roll, spelling bees, science competitions, math competitions, and many others are great ways to recognize students in academics. While athletic excellence and academic excellence are not mutually exclusive, it is import to validate students in both arenas.

Buying School Medals

A variety of school medals can be found on the Internet. They are made with gold finishes, silver finishes and bronze finishes. Although gold usually connotes first place, if all the awards have the same finish, for example, if all of the medals are bronze, then the rankings would be irrelevant. This is an issue when price is of concern.

Medals vary in price depending on their level of intricacy, size and finish. The larger medals with three-dimensional sporting representations tend to cost more, around five or six dollars. Smaller medals with a simplistic design can be found for less than two dollars when bought in bulk. Some medals can also be customized with either printing or engraving. The printing and/or engraving should be included in the price of the medal.

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