Soccer Trophies

Written by Linda Alexander
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The demand for soccer trophies has grown tremendously over the last few years with the popularity soccer has earned in the US lately. Children's teams, adult leagues, as well as high school and college varsity teams use trophies to reward their players for a job well done. With an abundance of trophies to choose from, you can afford to reward your players as well.

Soccer trophies come in many forms, from medals, to traditional statues, to soccer ball display cases. Why not let your most valuable player know how valuable he or she is with a gift that will last for years to come? Long after the awards ceremony, your recipients will have a trophy to display and remind them of their accomplishments.

Ideas for Soccer Trophies

A loving cup, a female or male figure frozen in action, or even a bobblehead would make a great trophy. Since trophies are often kept for years, make sure yours is sturdy enough to last. There are even joke trophies to award losers or just to give a few laughs to your team.

Anything with a soccer theme can substitute for soccer trophies, if this is the route you choose to take. You could purchase, for example, embroidered shirts, t-shirts with your team name on them, or plaques with soccer balls and the recipients' names engraved. Remember to thank anybody that helped your team reach success, such as parents, those who helped raise funds, and the owners of the field on which your team plays.

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