Softball Trophies

Written by Linda Alexander
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When you were a child, was your room filled with softball trophies? Unless you were the star of your team, chances are you only earned one or two trophies, if any. Today, coaches give trophies to everyone that participates in little children's team sports, rewarding everyone just for being there.

Many parents disagree with this. Aside from the clutter in their children's rooms, they feel that the softball trophies have no value because the children did nothing to deserve them, except show up for practice. But coaches believe they should preserve children's self esteem, rather than focusing on winning or losing.

Earning Softball Trophies the Old Fashioned Way

Of course, to an older player or a professional, there is nothing like the triumph of winning games and winning awards. Many players live for the competition and treasure the trophies they collect. They understand that not everyone can be a winner.

Recognizing excellence is the goal of awards programs. It doesn't matter whether that excellence is in the form of contribution, showing up for games, or leading the team to victory throughout the season. Softball trophies make players feel valued and unique and will be remembered long after the season ends.

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