Softball Trophies

Written by Charles Peacock
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Softball is a fantastic sport. In its highest form, it is an exciting game played by extremely talented female athletes. In its more casual form, it's a wonderfully enjoyable sport for warm summer afternoons, to be played with family members or friends from the neighborhood.

Reward Your Softball Team

One of best hobbies I can think of is playing on a local softball team. Local softball leagues are a great excuse for getting outside, exercising and socializing. They provide you with a few fun-filled hours each week where you can take your mind off of other things and just enjoy yourself and the company of others.

If you're involved in organizing a local softball team, there are some great little things you can do to make the whole experience fun for everyone. Creative team uniforms are always a good idea--they give your team an identity and they make everyone feel unified when they slip on their team colors come game time. Special awards are also a fun way to recognize the contributions of individual members of the team--or even the team as a whole.

If your softball league is more about fun than competition, you definitely shouldn't let go of the idea of handing out awards. Funny awards like "best haircut" and "slipperiest hands" make the end-of-season party that much more fun. And if you give one out to each member of the team, they can provide a nice memento of an enjoyable year.

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