Swimming Trophies

Written by Linda Alexander
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Swimming trophies are not just for races. True, you can award trophies to the person who wins the most points at a meet or to the team member who has the fastest time in a particular race. But swimming trophies have other applications, too.

Awarding Swimming Trophies

Many high school and college swim teams also award trophies to players that contribute to the team in other ways. For example, they give awards to team members who have most improved during their high school or college careers. They also give them out to team members who contribute most to the success of the team, or those who best display leadership skills.

Swimming trophies are available in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, resin, acrylic, and crystal. They are also available in different sizes. For the most thoughtful presentation, you should have the person's name and the date engraved on the award itself. Then each time the recipient sees it, she or he will be reminded of the accomplishment.

Athletes, whether amateur or professional, dream of winning trophies. There is nothing like the thrill of competition--except the glory of winning! Yet players contribute other skills to the team besides sports skills. Leadership, teamwork, participation, and hard work all deserve to be recognized, so keep that in mind for your next awards ceremony.

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