Swimming Trophies

Written by Charles Peacock
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Swimming is a sport that relies on hard work and individual accomplishment. Even if you're swimming on a relay team, there is a time during each race that the success of your team relies solely on your shoulders (no pun intended). As with other sports, success in swimming provides a fantastic feeling--and it should always be appreciated and rewarded.

Rewarding Your Swimmers

Sports trophies are very common for most types of team sports, like football, baseball or soccer. Swimming, however, is different from team sports in this way (and many other ways as well). Success in swimming is usually rewarded with medals or ribbons, much like those given out in international competitions.

This isn't to say that trophies are inappropriate for swimming. To the contrary, you can definitely find trophies with bronzed swimmer statuettes on top. For some reason, however, medals seem to better suit the sport of swimming. Perhaps it's the image we all have ingrained in our minds of the proud swimmer receiving a gold medal on the platform at the Olympics.

Swimming medals are available in all shapes and sizes, and can even be personalized for your particular team or swimmer. If you're organizing a swim meet, for instance, you can have the name of the meet engraved on each medal, along with the event name and first, second or third place. If you have these medals made in advance, you'll have a neat memento to hand to each swimmer the moment their name has been written into the record books.

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