Teacher Awards

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Many people have made an annual award ceremony for teachers a tradition at their schools. The hard work of teachers is not rewarded enough financially or socially. While there is little we can personally do to increase teachers' salaries besides writing to our representatives, we can affect the social recognition of teachers.

Each year students at these schools vote for the best teacher in each subject as well as the teacher of the year. Awards could be handed out at a special banquet and ceremony or at a schoolwide assembly. This is a great way to validate teachers as well as make students feel as if they have a hand in shaping their schools.

Types of Teacher Awards

Some awards are made specifically to honor teachers and educators. Golden and crystal apple awards are used the nation over to signify excellence in teaching. Any school could adopt that model or create one of its own.

A specially designed trophy or plaque would make a great award. The trophy could have a brass hand bell figurine on top and an engraved plate on the base. A plaque could incorporate the lamp of knowledge, a pen and scrolls, a blackboard, or an apple into the design. For smaller classes a class photo could be mounted on a photo plaque for a unique award. While all of these options are very affordable, for an even less expensive option a certificate detailing the award and the teacher's accomplishments could be printed and framed.

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