Teacher Gifts

Written by Charles Peacock
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Saying thank you to that special teacher is a great way to honor their contributions to your child's education and personal development. Everyone knows that you're supposed to give your favorite teacher nothing more than an apple, but in some cases you might want to give them something a bit more special (and original). In situations like these, there are actually trophies and plaques made specifically for recognizing the contributions of that special teacher.

Varieties of Teacher Awards

Many teachers keep a favorite coffee mug on their desk that they use each morning, and a great way to thank your teacher would be to give them a truly special mug. You could get a mug with his name on it, or perhaps even with the names of each child in his class. If you like the mug idea, another neat possibility is to get a mug made with a picture of the entire class on it.

Since being a teacher requires doing a lot of paper and test grading, getting a nice new pen set for your teacher is another wonderful idea. You can always personalize this gift by getting a pen case with an engraved plaque on it. On this plaque, you can write a little note thanking the teacher on behalf of his entire class.

If you want to give your teachers something they can proudly display in their classrooms, a plaque or a trophy might be a good idea. Many award manufacturers offer plaques designed for teachers. These plaques include a nice piece of text celebrating your teacher's special gifts, in addition to a metal plate where you can have their name engraved.

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