Teacher Recognition Gifts

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Sometimes teachers have to buy a lot of their own supplies for their classrooms with money from their own pockets. For a thoughtful gift to recognize the hard work and dedication of a teacher, assembling a gift basket of supplies for a classroom is a nice idea. This is a truly useful gift and will save the teacher a lot of money.

The first step to creating a useful gift basket is to investigate the supplies used in the teacher's classroom. If the teacher is teaching grade school he/she will have different needs than a high school teacher. There are some supplies, however, that are universally useful no matter what grade is being taught. A basket with award ribbons, blank certificate paper, pens and pencils, rulers, glue, etc. is a great gift for any teacher.

Teacher Recognition Gift Options

For those looking for a more traditional gift but one that is still unique, engraving a desk accessory with an inspirational quote about teachers or "World's Best Teacher" is a nice option. The engraving makes the gift personal, but it is easy to do. Some examples of gifts you could have engraved include desk clocks, letter openers, pen and notepad sets, and even name plates.

Gifts like these can be found at a number of online stores and they will do the engraving for no extra charge. There are hundreds of gifts to choose from in extensive catalogs. The prices are often very reasonable and the gift will be shipped either to the buyer or the recipient. It couldn't be easier to find and design the perfect gift to recognize a teacher.

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