Teacher Of The Year Awards

Written by Christa Gatewood
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All of the states in this country have some kind of Teacher of the Year award. Students, parents and other faculty members can nominate teachers for this award. While there is often an overall Teacher of the Year, there are also Teachers of the Year for each major subject.

In addition, there are other organizations that have chosen to present Teacher of the Year awards. Some of these organizations include the National Football League, Toyota, Disney and many others. Teachers are finally beginning to be recognized for the awesome work they do in our communities. Teacher awards sponsored by large organizations usually carry with them a monetary reward of thousands of dollars for the teachers and/or the teacher's school.

Teacher of the Year at Your School

Starting an award for Teacher of the Year is a very easy and worthwhile thing to do. The students nominate and vote on the teachers they think do the best job in each subject and the teacher they think does the best overall job. The awards may be presented either at a school assembly or the school could host a banquet and awards ceremony.

When it comes to choosing the type of award you would like to hand out for teacher of the year, there are a lot of choices. A popular choice is the apple award or plaque. If the school is willing to subsidize the awards or a local business would like to sponsor them, a monetary gift along with the award would be a nice touch and greatly appreciated.

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