Track Trophies

Written by Charles Peacock
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One of the crucial parts of organizing a track event is gathering the awards that will be given out to each of the winners. Track and field is one of those sports that is measured in awards. Long time competitors typically have shelves filled with the awards and medals that they've won over the years.

Varieties of Track and Field Awards

Since track and field consists of so many different events, it's nice to know that there are trophies out there designed for each and every competition. Most track trophies actually are variations on the traditional statuette and stand design, with a small engraveable plaque on the bottom where you can put the name of the meet and the name of the winner. The difference in each trophy is the type of tiny athlete displayed on the top.

Track trophies are available with all sorts of statuettes on top: discus throwers, relay runners, long jumpers and even shot-putters. For your event, it's a nice idea to order these customized trophies instead of just trophies with a generic athlete on top. This way each winner gets a trophy that reflects his or her individual discipline.

One of the decisions you'll have to make when you order your trophies is whether to get them before or after the event. Since you'll probably want to engrave each trophy with the name of the winner (and since this can't be done until you know who the winner is), some organizers choose to order all the trophies once the meet is over. Another option would be to present the awards at the meet itself, and then gather the trophies and have them sent to an engraver who can forward them directly to the winners once they have been engraved.

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