Written by Charles Peacock
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Some people are more vain than others, but few people are humble enough to turn down a trophy celebrating their accomplishments. Just try and think of how many people have refused to receive an Oscar--not easy, is it? Trophies are a great way to show somebody that you are proud of their accomplishments and that they should be too--no matter how likely they would normally be to pat themselves on the back.

Varieties of Trophies

Most of us have received a trophy at one point in our lives, whether it was for accomplishments on a youth sports team or something we did at work. We're all familiar with the cheap, plastic variety of trophies, and even though they're not that impressive to look at, they're still always nice to receive. If your budget is limited, don't be afraid to give an inexpensive trophy--it will be appreciated no matter how much it cost.

Of course, certain situations (and people) call for something more than a cheap plastic trophy with no name on it. In situations like these, there are all sorts of beautiful high-quality trophies that you can customize precisely for the person you're giving it to. One example is the engraved mounted crystal trophy.

Engraved trophies are great because they allow you to write anything you want on them. This means you can pick out a plaque or trophy that you think looks great, and then have it engraved to recognize the specific accomplishments of the recipient. In many cases, it's even possible to have images engraved in the trophy. Company or team logos, symbolic animals (such as an eagle or a lion), and even an image of the recipient are all things you can have engraved on your personalized award.

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