Trophies And Awards

Written by Linda Alexander
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When you think of trophies and awards, do those little statues you received in grade school soccer come to mind? You might still have those plastic trophies sitting on a shelf somewhere, or locked away in your attic. When you receive your next award, you might be surprised at what you receive. Trophies and awards have changed since you were in grade school.

Creativity abounds in the promotional products market these days. Anything from TVs and DVD players, to picture frames, to sculpted art pieces can be given away to recognize achievement. Laser engraved acrylic pieces, wall plaques, crystal clocks, and other materials mesh to create today's trophies and awards.

Art glass is another popular item being used as awards, as customers demand more innovative products to reward people with. And with more materials and creative options available, more and more businesses are purchasing trophies and establishing their own corporate awards programs. It's not just awards, either--corporate gifts have become commonplace. Everybody likes to give and receive something for their efforts or continued loyalty.

The Impact of Trophies and Awards on Your Bottom Line

Recognizing achievement can impact your company's success in the future, so there's no reason to skimp on awards that make employees feel appreciated. Recognizing them and honoring their hard work makes them want to continue their hard work. Gifts encourage loyalty. If a salesperson brings in millions of dollars for you, a cheap plastic paperweight is simply not enough.

Companies are also realizing that it's the little things that count. You no longer have to stay at one place for 25 years before you receive a gold watch. Instead, companies are thanking their employees for toughing it out through difficult times, finishing a project ahead of deadline or below budget, or for their innovative ideas along the way.

Custom trophies and awards are also gaining popularity as manufacturers are able to produce them more easily than before. New materials and technologies have allowed companies to customize stock items or design new trophies and awards from scratch much quicker than in the past. It's also less expensive to do, so more companies can afford to personalize their gifts.

Fast and Affordable Personalization of Trophies and Awards

Just tweaking a stock item a little bit can have a dramatic effect. Adding a custom logo or engraving someone's name on a glass trophy can change the look of the piece tremendously, quickly turning a "tried and true" piece into something unique. So companies have more options than ever when it comes to personalized trophies and awards or gifts.

If you are worried that your next awards ceremony will be a flop because you keep giving out the same awards, think again. Instead of a traditional wall plaque or soccer trophy, why not go with a themed gift, a crystal clock, or a DVD player to recognize your stars? They will thank you for appreciating them with something new and different.

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