Trophy Shops

Written by Linda Alexander
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You will find tons of trophies, awards, plaques, frames, and other gifts at trophy shops on the Web. Online trophy shops carry the same products as brick and mortar retailers do, and they often have lower prices because their overhead is lower. If price is a priority, consider shopping online at the end of your sports season.

Personalizing Gifts at Trophy Shops

Trophy shops can also handle personalization, lettering, and monogramming. You can make your awards or gifts even more special by customizing them with your logo, your team's name, and the winner's name. Of course, you will also want to name the award, such as "most valuable player" or "most improved."

As you are searching for trophies, remember that everyone likes to feel special. Many teams give out awards to everybody just for participating. This works especially well with younger children, whose self-esteem is fragile. It's nice to recognize hard work, perseverance, and teamwork, rather than just skills and results.

As children get older, they learn that trophies are earned and you can give awards out for achievement rather than for participation. This makes the awards more meaningful and more appreciated. By then, kids understand that you have to work hard to win. They learn the value of hard work and the thrill of being recognized by their peers.

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