Volunteer Awards

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Many non-profit organizations and schools depend heavily on the work of volunteers. Volunteers give their time and their labor without financial compensation and they deserve to be recognized. In a school setting often it is the parents who volunteer their time and without their contributions many of the school's extracurricular programs would have to be cut. In a non-profit setting, volunteers usually make up the bulk of the workforce. Without their help, these organizations would not survive.

Choosing a Volunteer Award

When it comes to recognizing volunteers for their selfless gift of labor, there are many choices available. The most obvious and popular choice is an elegant plaque. There are many different kinds of plaques available. Some plaques are made out of ceramics and others are made from wood. Both can be engraved with a message of thanks.

Another type of award that would make an excellent volunteer award is a crystal achievement award. These awards are clean and modern and have a more youthful appearance. Because they are made of crystal, they can be engraved by laser either on the inside of the crystal or on the outside. When engraved on the inside the message takes on a slightly three-dimensional quality. Either option makes for a beautiful presentation.

Yet another option for a volunteer award is an engraved desk accessory. These are particularly appropriate for volunteers that specialize in administrative work such as fundraising since they spend a lot of time at a desk. A handsome desk clock or pen and pencil set would be very useful to such a volunteer.

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