Wall Plaques

Written by Linda Alexander
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Wall plaques are a classic way to recognize employees or honor people. They are traditional and almost expected at award ceremonies and this has its own benefits. By choosing a traditional wall plaque, instead of giving monetary gifts, your award will be remembered for years to come.

Wall Plaques and Future Generations

Who doesn't want to leave a legacy for future generations? When people's names go on wall plaques, chances are the plaques will remain on the walls for years into the future. Even after some employees or team members have moved on, the names on the plaques remain unchanged. Future team members and employees will be able to learn who won the awards that have been hanging on the walls all those years.

Recognizing achievements with money, however, is not the motivator it seems to be. Cash is spent quicker than it is earned. Plus, with money, there is no commemoration, no memento, nothing left behind to remind people of the achievement. With wall plaques, however, you have a reminder of your accomplishments to display where people can see them.

Plaques also serve as "proof" that you won an award. If, for example, you list on your resume the awards you have won, and a prospective employer wants to confirm that you won, how will you prove it? When you have an award in your hand, nobody can dispute it. It's tangible evidence that you achieved great things and were recognized for it.

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