Wood Plaque Awards

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Wood plaques are like the blank canvases of recognition awards. They can be customized to represent any profession and engraved with any message, long or short. No matter who is being recognized or for what, there is a wood plaque out there that is perfect for the occasion.

Customize a Wood Plaque Award

A variety of different plaques can be created to reward an outstanding teacher or educator for a job well done. For those who are interested in a three-dimensional quality to the plaque, choosing one with a hand bell, a sculpted apple or a lamp of learning attached is a good idea. Another idea is to have a blackboard instead of an engraving plate carry the message.

For those looking to reward someone in the legal profession, a plaque with a gavel attached or one with the scales of justice represented would make a good choice. Traditional plaques make an attractive addition to any law office. For a more functional plaque, one could also be made with an inlaid clock.

When creating an award for someone who receives a lot of awards, uniqueness is key. Using a tinted engraving plate or designing a special emblem is one way to make a plaque stand out. A standing plaque that could go on a bookshelf or desk rather than take up wall space is also an interesting variation. Depending on how intricate the design, wood plaque awards can cost from $20 to $70. Not matter what the design includes, a wood plaque is a timeless award and will be cherished for many years.

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