Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

Written by Joy MacKay
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With a new closure buckle that makes adjusting straps a breeze, the Baby Bjorn baby carrier can't be beat. While Baby Bjorn has made notable progress on different baby products, the Baby Bjorn baby carrier is their breakthrough product. Developed by teams of young parents and medical experts, the Baby Bjorn baby carrier keeps your baby close and warm while allowing you the mobility you need.

About the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

The Baby Bjorn baby carrier is easy to put on and remove. It has wide and padded straps, to remove strain from your back as you carry your child. Because of the uniqueness of the front opening, you can lay your baby down without having to wake him or her.

The carrier can be used as early as the first week, due to its adjustability. You can also carry your child in the carrier until they are 22 lbs. The Baby Bjorn carrier is made with 100% cotton, and is free of formaldehyde.

Look online for great deals on the Baby Bjorn baby carrier. You can often find excellent prices at online baby stores. Find a recommended store today and begin your hands-free movement while keeping your baby safe and warm.

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