Baby Jogging Strollers

Written by Norene Anderson
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Baby jogging strollers are an essential for every mom with physical fitness in mind. The best overall exercise that anyone can do is fast walking or jogging. A regular baby stroller is not designed for stability at high speed or on rocky terrain. With a jogging stroller, you can get back in shape after delivery and enjoy the company of your baby at the same time.

The baby jogging stroller is designed with three wheels. The back two wheels may be 20-inch aluminum, 16-inch high impact polymer, 16-inch chrome steel, or similar size and weight. Many have steel spokes. The single front wheel may be the same size or slightly smaller. The air-filled rubber tires offer cushioning and control over any bumps along the way.

Baby Jogging Strollers for Fitness

All baby jogging strollers should have a hand brake. Some come with a rear parking brake in addition to the hand brake. Storage is available usually under the basket. It may or may not have a cup holder. Canopy options vary with designs. Some have a large heavy-duty rain cover and other strollers have a canopy that is retractable. A see-through window is an option on many strollers.

The seat should feature adequate harness points to ensure safety of the infant or toddler. A five-point safety harness is the best. Some strollers have a sternum strap in addition to the harness. Some of the seats recline and others do not. Each stroller should be rated for a specific type of terrain. Some are better on grass and light trails while other strollers can be used on rougher terrain. Baby jogging strollers are available for single or twin occupancy.

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