Baby Outerwear

Written by Norene Anderson
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Selecting the best baby outerwear is important for your baby's comfort and health. It is easy for hypothermia to occur in a newborn. There is minimal subcutaneous fat to hold in the heat. The normal temperature for a new baby is between 36.5°C and 37.5°C. It does not take much exposure to cold to drop the temperature below the safe zone.

Many parents or caregivers make a quick trip from the house to the car and throw a blanket over the infant carrier with the intention of keeping the baby warm. This is not sufficient in many instances. Wind can blow through the fibers of a blanket and lower the temperature in the carrier very rapidly. The only way to know your baby is properly warmed is to put the appropriate outerwear on the baby.

Find Great Baby Outerwear Online

Outerwear can be a hooded, fully lined coverall, a fleece-lined hooded coat, hooded pram with covers for the hands and feet, and many other designs. These provide the extra protection for newborns and infants from exposure to temperatures that could potentially harm them. It is just as important to remove the extra warm clothing once you are in a comfortable environment. A baby can get too hot as easily as he or she can get too cold.

There are some great buys online. Many sites offer discounts and specials at various times. It is a good idea to compare prices to get the most for your money. Baby outerwear is available in appealing designs for boys and girls. Many of the coats have Velcro closure for rapid in and out transfer of the baby.

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