Baby Playpens

Written by Norene Anderson
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Baby playpens provide a safe environment if monitored properly. It is important to give the new addition to the family access to all of the family action without being in harm's way. If you have a pet, placing your baby in a playpen in the family room is a great way to allow introduction of the pet and baby while providing protection.

As the infant grows and starts moving around, a playpen offers safe confinement with the opportunity to pull up and even walk around holding onto the sides. The playpen should have a padded bottom. Some playpens are made of wood with narrow rails. The rails must meet safety standards to avoid the possibility of getting the head stuck between two rails.

Baby Playpens Are Great

A very popular playpen is portable and is made with mesh sides. The bumper pad is quilted for softness. Some playpens also have attached night lights and music to lull the baby to sleep. The option of attached mobiles entertains the baby endlessly. There is a playpen with a mattress that will vibrate for soothing your baby into restful sleep. Many options are available in different colors and frame designs. If you travel a lot, the portable playpen is a must. Your baby will sleep better if you use the same bed away from home. Most portable playpens also make into a bed.

The most important thing to remember about baby playpens is not the style, brand, and features. The one thing that cannot be avoided is constant supervision. You should never leave a baby of any age unattended in a playpen. You must watch for any sign of impending danger. Once a baby reaches the age to start moving around, careful choices about the toys placed in the playpen are very important for safety.

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