Baby Sleepwear

Written by Norene Anderson
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Buying the right baby sleepwear is important for the comfort and safety of your infant. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid drawstrings. Gowns are great for easy access for diaper changing, but a drawstring can strangle your child. Gowns do not keep babies warm during the night. They are best used during the daytime, if worn at all.

Sleepers with feet to cover the toes are the best choice for cold nights. This is the only way you can be certain that little feet will not get uncovered and exposed to the cold. You should always have two for every night. You never know when a baby is going to spit up or have a diaper leak requiring a complete garment change. Some infants will need more than two per night.

Adorable Baby Sleepwear

There used to be requirements for all baby sleepwear to be flame-resistant. That has changed to require only garments over size nine months to be protected. This change is due to the reasoning that infants younger than nine months are unable to move around enough to get near a fire. It is possible to find flame-retardant baby sleepwear even though it is not required.

When your baby is in the newborn to infant stage, you make all the choices about sleepwear. You can choose safe, temperature appropriate apparel without any complaints. As your infant grows into the toddler years, he or she will want to be more involved in the choices. While giving the option for color or cartoon character, always keep safety in mind. Avoid sleepwear with buttons or decorations that can be easily pulled off.

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