Bertini Strollers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The watchword for Bertini strollers is adjustability. Not only does this mean that your Bertini stroller will convert as baby grows to keep him or her perfectly happy and comfortable, but it also means that you can use your stroller in a variety of situations. You can be confident that your investment will be justified many times over. If you are a new parent, you cannot imagine at the outset how valuable this can be later on, as you and baby begin to face new challenges together.

Accessories for Bertini Strollers

Accessories that are commonly available for Bertini strollers include a car seat adaptor, rain cover, mosquito net, spare wheels, tire inner tube, and mountable parasol. This is considerably more comprehensive than the range offered by most stroller companies, and puts Bertini firmly in the lead as far as accessories are concerned. Some models also offer a weather shield, sleeping bag and shopping bag too.

A drawback often encountered by parents is that different functions of their strollers take time and a lot of effort to bring into action, such as lowering a backrest so that baby can sleep for example. Bertini strollers are proud of the fact that their strollers can be adjusted at the push of a button for maximum ease of use under any circumstances. This means you can make your baby comfortable in seconds no matter what new situation arises while you're out.

The steering on a Bertini product will give you maximum maneuverability in tight spaces, so these strollers are perfect for use in the mall or about town. The excellent steering capabilities even apply to the twin versions, making Bertini strollers a rarity. This is good news indeed for the parents who have been searching in vain for an easy-to-push twin stroller for family trips and outings.

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