Best Baby Formulas

Written by Norene Anderson
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The best nourishment for a newborn is breast milk. For various reasons, many women are unable to breast feed. That does not mean that their baby is receiving inferior nourishment. The FDA is responsible for guaranteeing every infant formula on the market contains everything a baby needs and that it is safe. If a formula is found to be substandard at any time, a recall notice will be issued.

Formula is made from soybeans or cow's milk. The choice may be made by the baby. Sometimes, one type of formula is not tolerated and another must be given. Some babies are lactose intolerant and can only digest the soy-based formula. Formula is supplied in liquid concentrate, ready-to-feed, and powder. The least expensive is the powder. There is a special formula for babies with nutritional needs and intolerance to the soybean or cow's milk base. This type of formula is used under the guidance of a pediatrician.

All the Best Baby Formulas

Formula should be prepared exactly as directed. If too much or too little water is used, it will affect the nutritional value of the formula and using too little water can actually harm the kidneys. Water should be sterile, especially for the first few months. Once formula is diluted, it can be stored in the refrigerator up to 48 hours.

All infant formulas must have the nutrients as directed by the FDA. There is no difference in the brands when it comes to nutritional content. Homemade formulas do not meet the strict standards set forth by the FDA. The best baby formula is the one your baby will take without any stomach or intestinal distress. If you suspect a problem with the type of formula, always check with your pediatrician before changing formulas.

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