Best High Chairs

Written by Norene Anderson
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The best high chairs on the market are of no value if general safety guidelines are not followed. It does not matter how many safety straps are available, if they are not used, they do not help prevent accidents or falls. Every high chair should come with a crotch and waist strap. The child should be secured by the straps every time he or she is placed in the high chair.

The feeding tray is not to be used as a deterrent to falling. It is too easy for a wiggly toddler to work out of the confinement and be on the climb. The straps must be used to prevent this from happening. The chair should be far enough from any wall or table that could be used to push against and topple over.

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Toddlers love to climb and when they become hungry, many will go to the place where they know food resides. They will do their best to get up into the high chair. Never allow a baby or toddler to stand on the chair. High chairs are not designed for standing. They can easily topple over with a bouncy baby standing in the seat.

The best high chairs to buy are those with a wide base for better stability. A high chair that has a post between the legs is a great preventive for the child slipping down and becoming trapped and possibly even strangled. The best safety measure is constant supervision. Regardless of the safety features in your high chair, always keep an eye and a close hand on the child in the high chair.

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