Bicycle Trailers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Bicycle trailers are a great solution of what to do with small children to keep them safe when you go anywhere on your bicycle. The best bicycle trailers for small children are those that are brightly colored plastic so you get noticed. Some even have a safety flag to warn others that you have children on board.

Keep Them Safe And Comfortable

If you like the idea of bicycling for fitness, a bicycle trailer is a perfect way to take your children along in comfort and safety and while protected from the sun, wind and rain. If you pick a bicycle trailer with good sized windows, your children are sure to enjoy the ride too! Most bicycle trailers will hold at least two children.

Points to look for include large wheels that will enable the bicycle trailer to run smoothly, and wide seats so your child or children can sit in comfort. It is important that children are strapped in safely so look for a minimum of three point safety straps; five point straps are better, particularly for children who are likely to move around. Remember that you're unlikely to be able to see what they're doing all the time.

A simple hitch is the best type. One that simply locks with a single pin will be easier for you and will save time. The body of the bicycle trailer should be sturdy and robust for safety and durability. Some bicycle trailers fold up and lock down for storage, and if you will only be using your trailer part of the year, this will be an essential point for you to look for.

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