Bob Strollers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The strong points of Bob strollers are they are light weight and pack some serious suspension. These are important factors for a stroller company that is aiming for the sport utility spot of the stroller world. Bob strollers roll effortlessly and protect baby from jolts whatever the terrain, making them a prime consideration should you be in the market for a jogging stroller.

The fact that Bob strollers are lightweight and easy to collapse also makes them a number one contender if you need a stroller that will fold easily to fit in your trunk. Not fitting in the trunk and being difficult to fold is a common failing in many makes of jogging stroller. Struggling with kids and a stroller that won't do what you want in a hurry isn't many people's idea of fun!

The Bob Strollers Advantage

Smart stroller companies realize that parents primarily want a piece of equipment that won't let them down when they need it most. Bob strollers has paid a lot of attention to the needs of sporting parents and this enables them to meet a lot of criteria commonly held by those who love to jog and want to take young children along. Those who want to pursue a sport like running or cross country activities, have some pretty specific needs.

In response Bob strollers have developed jogging strollers that are so mobile they almost move by themselves. If you worry about your baby's comfort and safety while you're jogging though, the feature you'll love the most is the 3 inch suspension, which will keep a child comfortable even in off-road situations. Bob strollers also have an impressive range of accessories, such as sun canopies and even a snuggly fleece to keep baby warm in all weathers.

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