Breastfeeding Books

Written by Norene Anderson
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Breastfeeding books are full of great information about the process and benefits of breastfeeding. Many first-time moms are understandably anxious about the process of getting the infant to latch on successfully and get enough milk. The biggest challenge is to get the baby to open wide enough for the gums to bypass the nipple. The lips should be everted and they should cover about an inch of the areola.

Correct latch-on should be painless. If there is pain or if it appears the infant is not sucking properly, the suction should be broken and the latch-on process initiated again. Breastfeeding is possible even for moms with inverted nipples. Breast shells are made of plastic and should be worn several hours each day beginning in the last trimester. Afterwards, they can be worn between feedings.

Find Answers in Breastfeeding Books

Much discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of breastfeeding is continually ongoing. A major benefit is giving your infant a healthy jumpstart with the ingestion of colostrum. This is the initial production of milk from the breasts. It contains protein, carbohydrates, and antibodies that are beneficial for the newborn. The colostrum acts as a laxative for the baby to rid the body of excess bilirubin which can cause jaundice. Mature milk production will begin near the third or fourth day.

Breastfeeding books address such topics as how to manage engorgement, using a breast pump, how to avoid nipple confusion, and many other aspects of breastfeeding. An embarrassing moment for many nursing moms occurs with leaking breasts. Disposable nursing pads worn in the bra will absorb the excess. It is a good idea to wear tops with a multi-color pattern. The spots that happen to leak through will not show as much as on a solid color.

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