Bugaboo Frog Strollers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you're looking for a lightweight, versatile stroller, Bugaboo Frog strollers should be at the top of your list of considerations. This stroller is put together with high quality components, has a wide range of modes to choose from, and a great color range, with one to suit anyone. It can be used for newborns, right up to four years of age.

Versatility of Bugaboo Frog Strollers

The list of advantages you get with Bugaboo Frog strollers means you can look forward to some happy, and peaceful outings with your child. A fully reclinable seat will ensure that your baby will be comfortable enough to sleep soundly when the need arises. As well as being great for transporting a baby while sitting or lying, you can also adjust this one so that it can be a high chair when you want to eat out with baby. Now that's a serious advantage!

Because the handlebars are adjustable on Bugaboo Frog strollers, you can either have baby facing you, which is useful with a small baby, or facing away from you so that baby can entertain herself with scenery going by as she gets older. Reviewers say that the two large wheels on the Bugaboo work most efficiently when positioned towards the back, with the small ones forward, but this is a matter of preference.

If there are any disadvantages to Bugaboo Frog strollers it may be the cost (very high end) or the fact that folding them is a two part operation. However, many users assert that the adaptability and smooth ride provided by this stroller offset the cost, and that while it does take a minute to fold, it's not that difficult. Parents using the Bugaboo say that the lightness, and compact nature of this model, together with the fact that it can also be used as a jogging stroller (parents' suggestion, not the company's), make it well worth the extra money.

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