Buggy Mountain Strollers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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You should be looking at Buggy Mountain strollers if you'd rather have a versatile stroller that will serve you well in any situation. The alternative is to buy two or more specialized strollers for your different needs, and many parents are now doing this. It goes without saying that this is going to be an expensive option, and one you may not want to consider if you don't have room for more than one stroller at home.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of Buggy Mountain strollers is the lockable front wheel that many of their strollers have. You may be looking for this unique feature if you're fond of rambling walks, or power walks. While a swiveling front wheel is great for shopping in the mall, it is a disaster for rough terrain. With Buggy Mountain you can simply lock the front wheel when you move off-road and you're set.

Many Great Features of Buggy Mountain Strollers

Another feature that parents look for is durability. Although Buggy Mountain strollers are not cheap, they will outlast many cheaper buggies, and probably save you money in the long run. Parents using a Buggy Mountain model report that their buggy takes a lot of abuse admirably.

Other advantages of Buggy Mountain strollers are that they fold in one easy motion, so no struggling when you want to get your buggy in the trunk. There are a number of great Buggy Mountain accessories available, including a carry cot for infants. The five point harness is the type recommended for safety, and it is fully adjustable so that it will accommodate newborns, right up to older toddlers, in comfort and safety.

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