Child Toy Boxes

Written by Norene Anderson
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Child toy boxes are available in all sizes, shapes, and materials. A great idea in portable toy storage is a soft material that protects children from bruises and bumps if the toy container is encountered during play. Canvas and other soft materials resistant to tearing are rapidly replacing the traditional toy box made of square wooden design.

The stylish wooden child toy boxes often are covered with padding on the top and sides. This offers a decorative touch with a choice of many colors as well as providing safety from injury. A toy box should not have a heavy lid. This can cause great harm to a child leaning over to pick out his or her favorite toy. It can also smash a finger if it falls on the child.

A Place for the Toys

Make sure the toy box is either designed for stability if the child pulls up on it or that it is a cloth toy box that will not give the child any pull option. Some of the toy boxes are designed where the base is wider than the top. This helps with the stability in case the toddler attempts to pull up. Some parents prefer a toy bin setup where the different types of toys are separated into easy-to-pull bins. This works best for toddlers or children old enough to help put away their toys.

Rounded edges are a must-have design on all child toy boxes designed from hard material. This includes wood and plastic boxes. Any sharp or square corner can cause harm to a toddler. Toy boxes are available in all types of wood finishes and fabric designs to match the decor in any room. Whether it is in the family room or in the child's room, the toy box can be a welcome addition.

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