Diaper Changing Tables

Written by Norene Anderson
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Diaper changing tables are a real convenience in baby care. Enhancing the convenience must be safety measures to prevent serious injury to the infant. The changing table should have a pad cover, guardrail, and a safety belt. Many injuries have been reported on infants who have managed to work their way off the table.

Sturdiness is vital in selecting a diaper changing table. The legs should be solid without the possibility of folding under. Most changing tables built today come with safety straps. If you are using an older model without this safety feature, you should seriously consider getting a new table. This prevents your baby from rolling off the table.

Safety in Diaper Changing Tables

The guardrail should be high enough to provide a barrier to falling. It does not replace the use of the safety strap and keeping one hand on the baby at all times. A baby should never be left even for a few seconds without contact. The changing pad is for sanitation. It should be easy to clean and disinfect after every use. This will help in controlling bacterial and viral infections.

The diaper changing table should contain open shelves for storage of diapers, creams, wipes, washcloths, and other essentials. Anything used in the process of changing a diaper should be within reach without losing touch with the infant. With all the styles and designs, it is easy to complement your nursery decor with a changing table.

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