Inglesina Strollers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The range of Iglesina strollers includes models that are lightweight and easy-to-use. Combining the benefits of lightweight strollers with the comforts of heavier, more difficult to steer strollers, is just one of the strong points of Inglesina strollers. They all have built in weather canopies too, so you don't have to predict the weather and remember to bring anything along!

The most popular in the range of Inglesina strollers is the Zippy line. Mums and dads just love the fact that with a Zippy stroller it really is possible to open-and close-your stroller with only one hand. Many of the customers who buy Zippy Inglesina strollers do so for this one, very important reason.

Although Inglesina strollers are not "super" lightweight, they are easy to maneuver and since they fold like an umbrella, make city life much easier to tackle with a baby in tow. Other points that people love about Inglesina strollers include that fact that all fabric parts can be snapped off and thrown in the washer, so you don't have to put up with your stroller being dirty any more. When you remove the front bumper bars, little plastic tabs slide into place so your child can't get little fingers caught in the holes.

Comfortable Even for a Sleeping Child

Inglesina strollers have front wheels that can be locked into position. This is great if you want to keep going straight ahead. Seats can slide into four different positions, so your child can go from alert to asleep, and the stages in between without getting whiny. How reassuring that sounds!

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