Written by Patricia Skinner
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When you're looking for big toys such as swings, playhouses and cars for your baby, you couldn't do better than choose Kettler. Kettler has a lot of experience making things just the way babies love them, but with the safety and durability parents love. You'll find everything your baby or toddler dreams about in the Kettler range.

Kettler makes their playthings as sturdily as you'd expect from a company with a name and heritage to live up to. In addition, all their designs are with an eye to practicality so they'll be useful for teaching your child new skills, and will grow with your child from stage to stage.

First Playthings for Baby

What about baby's first car? You can't beat those sturdy push-along models that Kettler does so well. This is a push and ride toy with squeaker and built in telephone to delight any toddler from the age of nine months and above.

Every Child Loves a Swing

You can also buy a Kettler swing seat. This is sure to keep your child amused. A favorite with all ages, the swing is particularly soothing, yet amusing for babies. For toddlers who can support their heads, the Kettler swing seat has a locking bar device to ensure that your toddler doesn't slide out. However, please be sure you don't leave your toddler unattended while using the Kettler swing seat.

For When They're a Little Bigger

If you're looking for something to keep active young children amused, you'll love the Kettler Trimmstation Swing Gym and so will they! Made of sturdy steel and plastic construction, this unit has no dangerous sharp edges and construction and is all but seamless to keep your child safe. To add to the excitement, you can buy the Kettler slide attachment which fits this item as well as other Kettler play items perfectly and will provide hours of enjoyment.

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