Kettler Tricycles

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There can be few items of childhood play equipment that evoke excitement in children and nostalgia in adults the way a tricycle does. Kettler tricycles are built to standards demanded by a long heritage and tradition of unsurpassed quality. Most children quickly become attached to their "trikes," so you want this item to outlast their childhoods!

Kettler Design

While Kettler has been making tricycles for a very long time, their designers have not stagnated. Kettler tricycles come in a wide range, all suitable for ages one to five. Made of smoothly-designed plastic and metal, these tricycles have a number of design advantages over rival brands such as non-slip pedals, back-supporting seats and oversized plastic safety grips. Some come with a bucket on the back for your child's "treasures."

Kettler Parental Control System

Some Kettler tricycles incorporate the Parental Control System that enables parents to lock handle bars in place for easier steering and to ensure safety under certain conditions. When set to "stroller" mode, your toddler cannot change direction suddenly at all! There is also an optional push bar for the very beginning when your toddler needs some help getting around.

Extra Safety for Your Child

Other safety features include the Kettler tricycle safety rear handbrake, and even real air tires for superior performance. The real air tires are what will probably impress your child the most. Just like mummy's and daddy's!

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