Maclaren Stroller

Written by Patricia Skinner
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When rolling around so effortlessly with your baby in his beautiful stroller, do you ever stop to wonder how these wonderful inventions got started? In 1965 an innovative grandfather called Owen Maclaren found that his daughter was having great difficulty getting around with her new baby, especially in airports.

Maclaren Strollers Solve a Mobility Problem

So he set out to solve the problem for his own family, and the Maclaren stroller was born. Maclaren started a craze that quickly spread around the globe. Since then, strollers have become part of parenthood, and the Maclaren name still shines in the now crowded world of the stroller market.

Small, Lightweight, Effortless Construction

The first Maclaren stroller was small, lightweight and had no extras such as a canopy or rain protection. That all came later. You can now get single strollers in a vast variety of shapes and sizes. There are twin strollers, either side-by-side or tandems, where one baby is behind the other. You can even get jogger strollers so you can keep fit with your babies.

Spoiled For Choice

It's hard to believe that the thousands of versions of the stroller now on the market all began with that one early version of the Maclaren stroller. Every year, just when we thought that every conceivable type of stroller had already been invented, someone comes up with a brand new version.

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